Louisville, KY (September 29, 2022) – Millennial Blockchain announced today that they now offer a way for clients to mint, store, and transfer title on real property using NFT technology. In partnership with their sister company, Millennial Title, they have developed a unique process for verifying title through a traditional title process and recording or “minting” said title to the blockchain. The Millennial NFT will represent a “digital twin” and reflect the property ownership on the blockchain as recorded in the county clerk’s office. 

To utilize this service, clients will need a crypto wallet that is compatible with Open Sea and accepts Ethereum-based digital assets. (If clients need help creating a crypto wallet click here). Once clients have created and established a crypto wallet and have its unique address, then all that is needed is the closing information. After the purchase and closing process is completed, clients are directed to Millennial Blockchain’s NFT Title Request Form to fill out and submit an informational form for verification. 

“We are excited to introduce innovative products, processes, and ideas to the Real Estate industry,” said Chip Ridge, President of Millennial Title (Millennial Blockchain’s sister company). “We plan to leverage our circle of influence to help us promote these innovations and—more importantly—refine them for mass adoption. We will also engage and support other Real Estate and Title professionals who want to collaborate with us and our partners.” 

Anyone interested in learning more or taking advantage of this innovative new service can do so by visiting https://millennialtitle.com and https://millennialblockchain.io


About Millennial Blockchain: Millennial Blockchain is a forward-looking service that offers settlement in digital assets, in partnership with Millennial Title, a leading title company that is licensed in 23 states and facilitates closings in all 50 states. Millennial Blockchain highlights the real estate industry’s need for innovative technology to increase transparency, optimize speed, and increase security. For more information on Millennial Blockchain, visit their website at https://millennialblockchain.io.   

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